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White Chocolate Bar

White chocolate isn’t just for kids. Our signature white chocolate (29% minimum cocoa solids, 23% minimum milk solids) is rich, creamy and will surely satisfy the sweetest of teeth. This is used as the base to all of our white chocolate flavours.

Per bar
Dark chocolate Ginger Bar

We take our smooth dark chocolate and top it with fiery Fijian ginger. If you’re a ginger nut, you’ll love this creation.

per bar
Bagged up Chocolate Turkish Delight

Hand Made Rose flavoured Turkish Delight covered in Milk Chocolate.

Bagged up Cornish Butter Tablet

Hand broken pieces of Cornish Butter Tablet akin to the traditional Scottish Tablet.

Per 150g bag
Bagged up Cornish Butter Fudge

Chunks of Butter fudge made to melt in your mouth.

Per 150g bag
Bagged Up Hand Made Honeycomb Pieces

Our very own Cornish Made honeycomb pieces. So delicious!

Per 150g bag
Cornish Hamper

Our Cornish Hamper made up of Cornish Biscuits, Cornish Smugglers Brew Tea, Cornish Butter Tablet, Cornish Butter Fudge, Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge and a Cornish Pasty Recipe Tea Towel.

Cornish Pasty Teatowel

White Cornish Pasty Teatowel with the true Traditional Cornish Recipe & The History of the Cornish Pasty.

Cornish Pasty Tea Towel (Blue)

Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe Tea Towel. Go on....you know you want to make one of the best!

Chocolate Cornish Pasty

Hand Made in Cornwall - Chocolate Pasty.


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