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Bagged up Cornish Butter Tablet

Hand broken pieces of Cornish Butter Tablet akin to the traditional Scottish Tablet.

Per 150g bag
Bagged up Cornish Butter Fudge

Chunks of Butter fudge made to melt in your mouth.

Per 150g bag
Cornish Wedding Favours

Use the CONTACT Page to email us your requirements, numbers, flavours etc and we can quote you for your Wedding Favours.

Hand Made Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Pieces

Our hand made honeycomb pieces dipped in Milk chocolate.

Per bag
Hand Made Cornish-made Honeycomb pieces

Unbelievably good tasting Cornish-made Honeycomb pieces. The best taste in the world and so moreish. Far superior to the "cheap stuff" made outside of the UK.

Hand Made Cornish Peanut Brittle

Fantastic Peanut brittle cooked that little bit longer to give you an irresistible taste that comes with burnt sugar & peanuts. Crumbly but not hard. Comes Bagged up with gold label.

Coconut Ice Bar

Desiccated Coconut with Glucose Syrup & raspberry flavouring. The best, softest textured Coconut Ice ever! Also comes coated (look under the heading Chocolate Covered).

Cornish Pasty Tea Towel (Blue)

Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe Tea Towel. Go on....you know you want to make one of the best!

Bagged up Chocolate Turkish Delight

Cornish Made Rose flavoured Turkish Delight covered in Milk Chocolate. Made to make your moth water (where have I heard that before).

Boxed Up Cornish-made Rose Turkish Delight

Cornish Made Rose Turkish Delight. Cooked in the Traditional way in open pans, this beautifully soft Rose Flavour Turkish Delight will send you into Turkish heaven..


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